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Polly’s massage treatment in Hamilton  

Polly’s massage treatment in Hamilton

Chinese physician Polly Mitrakul has been working in Hamilton, NZ for the past 2 years, after spending more than three years working at Chandrakasem Rajabhat University as an instructor and practitioner of Chinese medicine.  During this time she also held a post as advisor to the Chinese Medical Association of Thailand. 

Polly is registered with NZRA (New Zealand Register of Acupuncture). Polly is also an ACC provider, which mean she treats wide range of injuries include headache, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, calf pain, ankle pain etc by using acupuncture and massage treatments in Hamilton.

Polly has been using acupuncture and massage treatments to successful treated a lot of patients in Hamilton for musculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica etc.  

Polly provides relaxation massage, Chinese immune supporting massage (with walking cup) and Chinese massage (tuina). You don’t want to miss out Polly’s wonderful massage.

Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about Polly’s treatment.

The most fabulous massage at Centre of Balance Hamilton

I had the most fabulous massage with Polly yesterday, she worked out a few knots and I walked out relaxed and my muscles feeling less tense. Thanks guys :) Joyce.G 21/06/2013

Better sleep and to be more relaxed

Acupuncture has helped me to get a better sleep and to be more mobile tight tense muscles are more relaxed. Thanks to Poly. Claire.W 19/06/2013

Knee and shoulder injury

I have been receiving acupuncture and massage from the Centre of Balance for a knee and shoulder injury. Polly is an experienced, sensitive and confident practitioner. I enjoy their holistic approach to treatment and consider the 1 hour treatment great value.   Wendy

Very good massage

Poly is very caring and does a very good massage. Claire.W

Very invigorating and energising

Love Polly's pressure point massages. Very invigorating and energising.  Jane.E

They are truly the best-Centre of Balance in Hamilton

Centre of Balance is a great place to unwind and relax. They help to relieve back pain, tense muscles and tired bodies. They are truly the best. Claire.W

Wonderful massage at Centre of Balance in Hamilton

I have had wonderful massage at Centre of Balance. It find it invigorating and relaxing and also improves circulation. Jill.H

Cured sore elbow-acupuncture Hamilton

Recently I had a massage at the Centre of Balance and I was totally amazed at the results. I had a sore elbow and the treatment virtually cured it in one go. The Doctor was skilled and knew precisely what to do and it gave me a confidence in his ability. He cured me with one appointment, this was a great result. Peter.S

Absolutely wonderful-acupuncture Hamilton

I have had a couple of Centre of Balance massages in particular the stress release ones and they are absolutely wonderful, after having all the tension and tender spots massage you leave feeling like a brand new relaxed person and it lasts for a good few weeks. Would absolutely love a free one!! Fingers crossed I might be one of the lucky few. Stefanie.M

Fantastic release of tension and Oh So Great on the tight muscles...

I have had one of their massages and it was absolute heaven!! Fantastic release of tension and Oh So Great on the tight muscles... At the same time I got a bit of a 'run down' on my health so that was a very helpful added bonus :)) That was about 2 years ago though and I haven't been able to get back for another one since so would truly love the opportunity to win one and tell everyone how good they are a second time :)) Thank you Centre of Balance!! Daryl.S

My experience of acupuncture .... in Centre of Balance Hamilton

My experience of acupuncture ... I had been having lower back pain/sciatica problems for some time when I slipped over in the bathroom and experienced a hard impact to my tail bone and twisted my pelvis around at the same time. I was in agony and could hardly move. There was one dark moment when I thought I had done permanent damage to my spine. I got taken to Centre of Balance where I was treated with a series of acupuncture treatments through the day -- with the pain easing with each treatment. I was back to normal again within a few hours.

I have had acupuncture treatments regularly for my back pain and sciatica, and every session has relieved my pain considerably.  Rob.S

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