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The lucky winner

This page is showing you this month's winner of a FREE acupuncture treatment at Centre of Balance Hamilton and a $20 voucher to be used towards a meal at the Blissful Healthy vegan takeaway. 

Year: 2016

Winner of July: Michelle Durham

Winner of June:Teresa Erasmusen

Winner of May: Tracy Allen

Winner of April: Nicola Dodd

Winner of March: Rae Grace

Winner of Feb: Tracey Oberman

Winner of Jan: Marija Dimitrijevic

Year: 2015

Winner of Jan: Richelle Forbes 

Winner of Feb: Mel Burke

Winner of March: Kathryn O’Hearn

Winner of April: Babita Kumar

Winner of May: Louisa Tyler

Winner of June: Trish Mitchell

Winner of July: Tracey Mckandry

Winner of August: Ling Ling

Winner of September: Kelly Patterson

Winner of October: Katie Li

Winner of November: Tracy Smith

Winner of December: Jo Greene

Year: 2014 

Winner of December: Mark Rowe 

Winner of November: Heather Purdie-Raill

Winner of October: Phillippa Ross

Winner of August: Sarlie Bellette

Winner of July: James Ashton

Winner of June : Tyler Chapman 

Year: 2013

Previous event...

update on 16/06/2013

We just gave away 5 FREE 60 minute massages who liked and commented our facebook page today (16/06/2013).

To like our facebook page, please go to

The 5 lucky winner are:

1) Joyce Goodwin from Hamilton

2) Lorena Martinez Buencamino from Dinsdale, Hamilton

3) Kaytie Mary from Hamilton

4) Aroha Bradshaw from Hamilton

5) Sophie Wills from Hamilton

26/06/2013 The weekly lucky draw winner is:

1) Diane Andrews from Hamilton

We also give away free 60 minute massage to member of PAY IT FORWARD-HAMILTON

  1. 1)Ben Hicks from Hamilton
  2. 2)Marie Allan from Hamilton
  3. 3)Kendall Walker from Hamilton
  4. 4)Kelly Htown from Hamilton


  1. 1)Lisa MacDonald from Hamilton
  2. 2)Natalia  Bratton from Hamilton


  1. 1)Kylie Gilbert from Hamilton
  2. 2)Glenda  Roderick from Hamilton


  1. 1)Emma Thompson from Hamilton
  2. 2)Carrie Strange from Hamilton


  1. 1)Kansas Maru from Hamilton
  2. 2)Dallas Maru from Hamilton


  1. 1)Ella Young from Hamilton
  2. 2)Joseph Davoren from Dinsdale Hamilton


  1. 1)Sarah Jane Holmes from Hamilton
  2. 2)Paula Tresidder from Hamilton
  3. 3)Eileen  Payne from Hamilton
  4. 4)Aleisha  Lawson from Hamilton


  1. 1)Karen Amos from Hamilton
  2. 2)Anthony Ward from Hamilton


  1. 1)Simon Cherry from Hamilton
  2. 2)Niketa  Lindsey from Hamilton
  3. 3)Lisa Jago from Hamilton
  4. 4)Miss Priscilla Borell from Hamilton
  5. 5)Miss Cathy McDonald from Hamilton

This is just something that we give back to Hamilton community/Hamilton people.

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