acupressure for hip groin pain

#27 Acupressure 123

Instant Relief Left Hip-Groin Pain (Back Yang) on UB Meridian 28/09/2019

Main Complaint: Left hip-groin pain (Back Yang) around UB 54 (Zhi Bian),UB 53 (Bao Huang)、UB 30 (Bai Huan Shu),UB 29 (Zhong Lu Shu), UB28 (Pang Guang Shu), UB 27 (Xiao Chang Shu), UB 31-34 (Ba Liao: Shang Liao, Ci Liao, Zhong Liao, Xia Liao) Acupressure 1 Sick Meridian: Left side, Bladder meridian Acupressure 2 Balance Meridian: S1: SI meridian Acupressure 3 Select Point: Ashi points around SI 9 (Jian Zhen), SI 10 (Nao Shu),SI 11 (Tian Zong), SI 12 (Bing Feng) and SI 13 (Qu Heng).

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