Centre of Balance:

Centre of Balance started in 2006 when Tracy Phua came back home to New Zealand.  She’d completed her Chinese Medicine studies in Shanghai where she met her husband, Szenan Phua.  Tracy began treating fertility patients in late 2006, making house calls with a portable examination table, while Szenan stayed in China to complete his studies.

Szenan came to New Zealand in early 2007 and together they opened Centre of Balance, working from the converted basement of their first home.  They moved into premises in Boundary Road and then to the clinic in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre as we know it today.  Centre of Balance now has three practitioners in Hamilton, Szenan Phua, Kevin Ma and Monica Ding who treat many patients seeking relief from pain and medical conditions. 

Szenan Phua (Senior Practitioner)

Bachelor of Medicine graduate, Acupuncturist & Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, member of FCPAA Malaysia.

Szenan Phua (pronounced Sh’naan Pwa) comes from Malaysia and speaks fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and English.  Szenan is the senior practitioner at Centre of Balance.

He undertook his studies in China at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, completing a five year Bachelor degree majoring in Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage).

Szenan had the privilege of studying under some of the most distinguished practitioners in China.  Amongst them was Dr Songjing Bian who prescribes herbs according to the ancient classics. Dr Bian is renowned for his treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, tumours, cancer and difficult cases.

Szenan lives in Hamilton with his wife Tracy Phua and their daughter Meia; all devoted vegans and animal rights activists.

Seminars Attended (2011 – 2017):


Szenan Phua Senior Practitioner Centre of Balance Hamilton
  • Dr Rona Wang represents Male Infertility
  • Dr Cui represents Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc
  • Dr WenZhao Chen represents “Experience in Using Classical Formula (JingFang) To Treat Cardiac Disease”
  • Dr Albert Zhang represents “Western and Chinese Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Rheumatoid Diseases”
  • Master Xiang’s Functional Organ Face Diagnosis
  • Master Xiang’s Functional Organ Palm Diagnosis
  • Dr Tan Wu Bian Balance Method Acupuncture Seminar – 2013
  • Dr Allan Oolp Austin Trigenic Seminar-Frozen shoulder – 2013
  • Dr Tan Wu Bian Balance Method Acupuncture Seminar – Advance Clanss – 2014
  • Dr LiXin Chen Acupuncture-LiXin Seven Needle Technique Workshop in BeiJing 2014
  • Dr Tan Wu Bian Balance Method Acupuncture Seminar in BeiJing – 2015
  • Master Xiaochuan Pan Acupuncture Spirit Pulse Balance Seminarin Guangzhou China-2016
  • Master Xiaochuan Pan Acupuncture Spirit Pulse Balance Seminar in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia-2016
  • Bob’s Medical Pulse Diagnosis – 2016
  • Master Xiaochuan Pan Acupuncture Spirit Pulse Balance Advanced Seminar in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia-2017
  • Master Miao Zhen/Miao Kai’s Royalty Fitness Muscle Strength Manipulation Therapy & Acupuncture Channel in –Auckland NZ-2017
  • Navel Acupuncture workshop in Malaysia-2015
  • Dr YueYuan Xu Pulse Diagnose in Auckland New Zealand-2016
  • Master Pan Acupuncture Spirit Basic Workshop in GuangZhou-China-2016
  • Master Pan Acupuncture Spirit Basic Workshop in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia-2016
  • Yuanshu Spine Related Disease Workshop in Auckland-NZ-2016
  • Master Pan Acupuncture Spirit Advance Workshop in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia-2017
  • Master Miao Zhen/Miao Kai’s Royalty Fitness Muscle Strength Manipulation Therapy & Acupuncture Channel in –Auckland NZ-2017
  • Master Miao Zhen/Miao Kai’s Advanced Clinical Assessment and Application of Royalty Fitness Muscle Strength Manipulation Therapy & Acupuncture Channel in Auckland NZ-2017
  • Master Sanhu Wang Classic Formula to Treat Cancer Seminar in Auckland 2017
  • Dr Zengfu Peng Trigger Point Treatments for Musculoskeletal Pain- The Upper Body -2017
  • Chinerchi Therapy by Angela Zang Foundation Seminar in Auckland 2017
  • Chinerchi Therapy by Angela Zang Fire Dragon Seminar in Auckland 2017
  •  Dr David Legge Acupuncture Treatments for Musculoskeletal Pain – The Lower Body Workshop in Auckland-2017
About Us

Kevin Ma (Practitioner)

Hello, my name is Kevin. Ever since I was young, I can remember seeing reports of various terrifying diseases and illnesses on TV and in the newspaper. Cancer, heart attack, diabetes have reached epidemic proportions claiming countless lives each year and the medical establishments seem to have no real solutions or cures. Because of this, from a young age, I developed a deep curiosity into the area of health and wellbeing. I would research into different ways to look after myself, my family and friends.

In 2015, I started studying Original Point Therapy, through which I gained an even deeper understanding of the human body and what contributes to health and illness. However, the more I learnt, the more I realized that there is much more to be learnt. Eventually, my quest for knowledge lead me to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In July 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor of Health and Science with major in Acupuncture. I am excited to join the team at Centre of Balance and use my skills and knowledge to help more people to achieve health and happiness in their lives.

Melanie Wilson (Manager)

Mel has been working at Centre of Balance in an administration role since 2013.  She is Tracy’s sister and is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist.  She has three amazing children and 10 small animals. Mel manages the day to day running of the clinic. 

Beth (Receptionist)

Beth started working for Centre of Balance in August 2023. She is also an undergraduate at Waikato university, studying a bachelor of science majoring in chemistry and environmental science.

Outside of work and studying she enjoys modelling for her sister’s photography profile, and spending time with her partner, friends, and family.

Monica (Practitioner)

I am originally from Hebei province in China. I hold a NZ bachelor’s degree of health and science with a major in acupuncture. I am honoured to be an acupuncturist at Centre of Balance. Helping patients to alleviate their pain brings me the greatest joy. Chinese medicine emphasises the unity of human beings and nature. During the treatment, I hope to not only relieve your pain but also help you to understand the principles behind acupuncture’s effectiveness, as well as the significant impact of diet, emotions, lifestyle habits, and living environments on disease recovery. Self-healing is an ability that our bodies are naturally endowed with. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s self-healing system, enhancing and restoring the innate self-healing capabilities that we already possess. I am vegan and advocate for a healthy diet. I believe love and gratitude are the foundation of healing. May every living being on this beautiful land enjoy fresh air and good health.

Ani  (Receptionist)

Hi, my name is Ani and I joined the Centre of Balance team in May of 2024. I am a 2023 Highschool graduate currently studying a Bachelor of Business at Waikato University.   

I enjoy spending time with loved ones and am a big fan of the McLaren Formula One team! I enjoy being a receptionist at Centre of Balance and can’t wait to see you around.