Skin Problems

Acupuncture for Skin Problems

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a healing technique in which thin needles are inserted into the body.  This treatment method comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practised for thousands of years.  The concept is that the body contains a complex network of energy pathways called meridians, which allow the body to function properly.  A trained acupuncturist can insert needles into specific acupoints on the body to access these meridians, to promote healing.

Skin Problems

Cosmetic Acupuncture:

You might be surprised to hear that acupuncture can be used to improve facial appearance.  While this healing technique is traditionally used to treat medical problems, it has recently been adapted for cosmetic purposes as well.  Facial acupuncture can help you improve your skin health, as well as increasing blood flow and facial elasticity.

Your acupuncturist may use one of two methods for treating skin problems.  If you are suffering from a skin problem on your face, your acupuncturist may apply needles directly to the affected facial areas.  However, many acupuncturists prefer to treat skin problems more holistically.  This means that they investigate the root cause of the skin problem and create a treatment method to address that cause.  Skin problems can often appear due to an underlying health problem, such as a blockage in the flow of energy throughout the body.  This means you may get better results if your acupuncturist treats these problems first.

How Can Acupuncture Treat Skin Problems?

Acupuncture can be used in different ways, depending on what’s causing your skin problem.  If your skin condition has occurred due to an underlying health problem, acupuncture may be used to treat this issue.  This may allow your body to return to a healthier state and begin to heal your skin.  

An example of this is the heart.  If your heart is weak, you may be experiencing problems with blood circulation.  This could mean that less blood can reach your skin, causing a reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.  But by strengthening the heart through acupuncture, more blood may flow to your skin, allowing healing to take place.

Skin Problems

What Skin Problems Can Acupuncture Treat?

The amazing thing about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is that the treatment can be designed for your individual situation.  Your acupuncturist will typically analyse your health by asking questions about your symptoms and taking your pulse.  This can give them valuable information about the nature of your health problems.  Your acupuncturist can then begin to heal any skin problem which may be bothering you.

A wide variety of skin problems can be treated with acupuncture.  As well as offering you brighter, tighter, younger-looking skin, acupuncture can also treat specific skin diseases.  In fact, researchers have found that acupuncture improves skin problems including dermatitis, hives, melasma, facial elasticity, itching, and excessive sweating.  Acupuncture may also be able to help treat other skin problems such as dry skin and acne.

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Is Acupuncture Effective?

If you have an annoying skin problem, you may have tried so many different treatments, like medications as well as home remedies.  So you may be wondering, can acupuncture really help my skin improve?  The good news is that there are more studies available now to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture.  For example, one scientific study found that when acupuncture is performed with the correct intensity of needling, it can effectively increase blood circulation in muscle and skin. 

When choosing any treatment option, it’s important to remember that your body is unique, and everyone has a different health background.  This means that different styles of treatments may not work well for one person but may be more effective for someone else.  Similarly, one technique within acupuncture may be beneficial for you at a certain time, but in future your treatment may need to be adjusted to suit your health at that point.  At our clinics in Hamilton and Remuera, Auckland, our qualified practitioners can give you a full, in-depth consultation and diagnosis, in order to treat your condition as effectively as possible.


Acupuncture is a great option to help you treat skin problems.  Acupuncture can be used in different ways depending on your symptoms, and the underlying cause of your health problems.  A variety of skin problems can be treated effectively with acupuncture, as shown in scientific studies.

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