Best Foods for Skin

Best Foods for Skin

Can Food Affect Your Skin?

You may have tried many tips and strategies whilst trying to improve your skin quality.  But have you ever considered food as a cosmetic treatment?  It makes sense that what we eat can affect our health, change our weight and even affect our organs, but can food really have an impact on our skin?  Interestingly, researchers have found that diet can significantly affect your skin, so here’s an article about foods to include and foods to avoid to maximise your skin health and appearance.

Best Foods for Skin

3 Foods for Healthy Skin:

To promote beautiful, healthy skin, you might like to add more nutritious whole foods to your diet.  When choosing foods to add to your kitchen, always look out for the fruits and vegetables which are naturally in season.  Three of the most beneficial foods you can add are avocados, kumara, and capsicum.  

Including avocados in your diet can enhance your skin, as these fruits contain healthy fats to help keep your skin moisturised and flexible.  Avocados also contain vitamin E which helps to protect your skin from damage.  Kumara, also called sweet potato, is also great for your skin, because it contains beta carotene.  This antioxidant can help protect the skin from sun damage, dryness, and may also add a healthy, warm glow to your skin.  Capsicums (or bell peppers) contain beta carotene as well, but they are also an excellent source of vitamin C.  Adding more vitamin C to your diet can encourage collagen production, to promote stronger, firmer skin.

Best Foods for Skin

3 Foods to Avoid:

While adding certain foods to your diet can certainly help improve your skin, there are also some items you should avoid.  Three of the biggest foods to avoid are dairy, alcohol, and sugar.

If you suffer from acne, dairy may be one of the contributing culprits.  This is because milk can affect your hormones, and the process which causes acne.  Similarly, decreasing your alcohol intake can also help to reduce acne symptoms. Drinking alcohol can cause your body to release hormones which can lead to increased oil production in the skin.  Sugar can also increase oil and acne on your skin, by increasing your insulin production.  However, avoiding natural whole foods like fruits just because they contain sugar can be detrimental.  Our bodies require nutrients from fruits and vegetables, so excluding these from your diet can cause problems.  Instead, try limiting processed sugar, such as white sugar and sugar in lollies, cakes, and other processed foods.

Chinese Medicine for Skin:

Skin problems can be annoying and embarrassing, so that’s why at Centre of Balance we offer treatment not only for health problems, but also for skin issues like acne and dry skin.  Centre of Balance also encourages a healthy diet for overall health as well as skin health.  Specifically, a whole-foods plant-based diet is recommended for ultimate healing benefits.  We also offer Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments including acupuncture and herbal medicine to ideally be combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Acupuncture in particular can improve your skin health.  Studies have shown that after receiving acupuncture treatment, your blood circulation in the skin and muscle can improve, allowing more healing to take place in the skin.  Acupuncture can also promote healing in any organs which may be affecting your skin, such as the lungs, heart, or spleen.  You may also experience a brighter, younger looking skin complexion after acupuncture. For more information on cosmetic acupuncture, click here.


Your food choices have a significant impact on the quality of your skin.  You can increase your skin health and appearance by adding foods like avocado, kumara, and capsicum to your diet, and limiting other foods like dairy, alcohol, and processed sugar.  Chinese Medicine can also help to promote healthy, beautiful skin, through natural treatments like acupuncture. Our practitioners can help to heal your skin using safe and effective treatment methods.

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