Acupressure for Neck Pain/Stiffness

During the lockdown period in New Zealand Centre of Balance is offering video consultations & a self-acupressure programme. To book an online appointment please email the following details to 1. Full name 2. Date of Birth 3. Home phone number and/or mobile number 4. Email address 5. Home address We will set an online […]

Acupressure elbow pain

#59 How to Treat Elbow Pain

I suffered from elbow pain after a tennis 🎾game🎮on Christmas Day 2019. How did I treat my elbow pain and did it get instant relief? 在圣诞节日里,我玩网球🎾游戏🎮导致肘关节疼痛我如何给自己治疗呢?我能取得立竿见影减轻疼痛吗? Acupuncture 123 Live-Cob LiVe 62 Get Free Pre-assessment Now Call 07-846 7956 Centre of Balance acupuncture Hamilton/Cambridge/Auckland

Balance Method Acupuncture for Thigh Pain

#58 Balance Method Acupuncture/Acupressure 123

Instant Relief Thigh Pain (SIDE Yang) on GB Meridian 07/01/2020 Main Complaint: Left thigh (Side Yang) between knee joint GB33 (Xi Yang Guan) and hip joint GB 30 (Huan Tiao). Acupuncture 1 Sick Meridian: Left side, Gall Bladder meridian Acupuncture 2 Balance Meridian: S1: SJ meridian Acupuncture 3 Select Point: Ashi points between SJ 10 […]

Diet and acupuncture for ezcema

#57 Acupuncture 123

Acupuncture 123 and Diet for Eczema treatment Acupuncture for Acupuncturist FB Group: Acupressure Public Self-treatment FB Group: Acupressure Youtube Live Channel: Acupuncture Youtube Live Channel: Acupuncture 123 and Diet for Eczema treatment Magical 12 12经络平衡(奇幻12)

Acupuncture acupressure

#56 Balance Method Acupuncture

Balance Method Acupuncture DOES NOT work for these health issues. 11/12/2019 Sign up for Webinar of Balance Method Acupuncture-LocalB alance here NOW Join Szenan Phua Facebook group and Youtube live channel Now Acupuncturist FB Group: Public Self-treatment FB Group: Youtube Live Channel: