Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis

Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis?

Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic condition, where your immune system mistakenly attacks your own skin cells.  This causes itchy, red patches of inflammation on your skin, and makes your body produce new skin cells a lot faster than usual.  The extra skin cells build up, because there is no time for the old cells to fall off, leading to thick, scaly patches of skin called plaques.  Keep reading to find out all about how Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat psoriasis naturally.

Treatment differences between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine:

If you have psoriasis, don’t worry.  There are many treatments available, from both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

There are a few key differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.  For example, in Chinese Medicine the organs in your body are all interconnected, but in Western Medicine each organ is separate.  Chinese Medicine also understands that your organs are not only linked to physical health, but also to mental and emotional health.

For instance, in Chinese Medicine the lungs and large intestine work together as twin sisters, to maintain the functions of breathing, bowel movements, and skin health.  Any imbalance between the lungs and large intestine could lead to problems such as breathing issues, bowel problems, and skin conditions like psoriasis.

What Causes Psoriasis According to Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine states that external symptoms (like those of psoriasis) occur due to underlying internal health problems.  The main underlying causes of psoriasis involve imbalances between the vital organs of your body, and in particular, problems with your blood.

How Can Blood Problems Cause Psoriasis?

If your blood is not healthy, you may be at risk of developing psoriasis.  Blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stasis are three key blood syndrome types that can lead to symptoms like those of psoriasis.

If you are experiencing psoriasis symptoms for the first time, it is likely that you may have blood heat syndrome.  Heat can enter your blood when you eat unsuitable foods like meat, seafood, and alcohol.  If your stomach cannot fully digest these substances, your spleen will transfer the excess heat to your blood.  Blood heat can cause psoriasis symptoms including bright red patches of skin that are very hot and itchy.

Blood dryness syndrome can also cause psoriasis.  If blood heat syndrome is not treated promptly, the heat may begin to dry up your blood over time.  Blood dryness can cause symptoms like patches of very dry skin, with flakes that fall off easily.  However, if you observe patches of thick, dark coloured skin, this can indicate blood stasis.  Blood stasis syndrome can occur when there is a smaller volume of blood which moves more slowly and can form clots and blockages.

Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis

How Can Lung Problems Cause Psoriasis?

In Chinese Medicine, your lungs are directly linked to the health of your skin.  That means if your lungs are affected by unwanted factors, it can result in symptoms on your skin.  For example, if any of the six types of “Evil Qi” (wind, heat, damp, dryness, cold, and fire) attack your lungs, your lungs may become affected.  This can occur when you have a common cold.  When the lungs are attacked, they may transfer excess heat to your skin, resulting in psoriasis symptoms.

How Can Liver Problems Cause Psoriasis?

Emotional or mental factors such as stress can play a big role in triggering psoriasis flare ups.  In Chinese Medicine, the liver is strongly linked to emotions such as anger, irritability, stress, and depression.  If you experience these emotions for extended periods of time, it may affect your liver’s ability to detoxify your blood.  This means that your liver may not be able to remove excess heat from your blood, leading to blood heat syndrome, and consequently may cause psoriasis.

Treating Psoriasis with Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis

Chinese Medicine can help you recover from health conditions like psoriasis, by finding out what the underlying cause of your condition is.  Qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners can then treat your condition using a variety of techniques like acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. With any of these techniques, the aim is to address the underlying cause, by balancing major organs like lungs or liver, or by treating the specific blood syndrome.

For example, if your psoriasis symptoms are due to blood heat syndrome, your Chinese Medicine practitioner may prescribe Traditional Chinese herbs to remove heat.  Similarly, blood dryness syndrome can be treated with herbs that increase fluid, while blood stasis syndrome can be treated with herbs that promote the movement of blood through your body. 

Chinese herbs may be prescribed in the form of tonics and decoctions, which are taken orally and are used to treat internal, underlying health issues.  However, your practitioner may also prescribe external herbs in the form of creams or washes to help soothe your immediate external symptoms too.


Chinese Medicine has a unique way of treating conditions like psoriasis.  First, your practitioner will diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Chinese Medicine recognises that psoriasis can occur due to internal health issues, including blood problems such as blood heat syndrome, and imbalances between major organs like the lungs, or the liver.  Qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners can then address these underlying problems using special techniques like acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which allows them to treat your condition from the root of the problem.

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