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Colon Cancer: Causes and Risk Factors

Colon Cancer Causes

Colon Cancer:

Colorectal cancer is a cancer of the colon or rectum and is divided into stages 0-4.  These stages are characterised by progressively worse symptoms from stage 0 to stage 4. In this article the different types, causes and risk factors of colon cancer, and how Chinese Medicine can help will be discussed. 

Types of Colon Cancer:

There are different types of colon cancer, depending on which type of cells become cancerous, and where in the digestive tract the cancer occurs. Most colon cancers start from adenocarcinomas, which are cancers that form within the mucus cells of the rectum or colon.  Other types of colon cancers are caused by tumours such as gastrointestinal stromal tumours (benign tumours further up the digestive tract than the colon which become cancerous), carcinoids (tumours which form in the hormone-producing cells in the intestines), lymphomas (tumours which form in the lymph nodes or colon), or sarcomas (tumours which form in the soft tissues of the colon like the muscles).

Colon Cancer Causes

Colon Cancer Causes:

Genetic mutations in your DNA, which may be inherited or may be acquired throughout your life, increase the chances of developing cancer.  An example of this is some mutations that can cause abnormal cells to build up in the colon lining.  This accumulation of cells can form small benign growths called polyps, which can become cancerous after some time.  These can be removed by surgery before becoming cancerous.  Researchers are still investigating the causes of colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Causes

Risk Factors for Colon Cancer:

There are many factors which can make it more likely to get colon cancer.  Some of these risk factors aren’t in our control, such as having a history of bowel diseases or colon polyps, having a family history of colon cancer, being over 50 years old, and having genetic syndromes like familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).

Other factors that can be avoided in order to decrease your risk of getting colorectal cancer include being a heavy drinker or smoker, consuming a lot of processed meats, being obese or overweight, having a sedentary lifestyle, and having type 2 diabetes.

Colon Cancer Causes

Colon Cancer: How can Chinese Medicine Help?

At Centre of Balance, we practise Traditional Chinese Medicine, and use techniques like acupuncture to help treat many diseases including all kinds of cancers.  In Chinese Medicine, the organs in the body are linked together, and this means when one organ is weak or out of balance, it may affect other organs and create symptoms in other parts of the body.  For example, the colon works together with the lungs as a team, and helps to control the breathing, skin and bowel movements.  When the colon is diseased or weak, this may likely affect the bowel movements, as well as the lungs, and may be identified by signs on the nose.  So, by analysing a patient’s symptoms carefully, a Chinese Medicine practitioner may be able to tell if you have a colon problem such as colorectal cancer.

To treat the patient, the organs must be brought back into balance so that they can come back to their proper functioning.  This contrasts with Western Medicine, which often prefers to suppress symptoms and replace the functions of the organs, rather than helping the organs themselves regain their function to solve the problem at the root.  Chinese Medicine can bring the bodily systems into alignment through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which are very beneficial for the body and often have little to no side effects. 


In conclusion, there are different types of colon cancer, which form in different parts of the digestive tract, and which develop from different types of cells.  Scientists are still researching the causes of colon cancer, but one cause is a build up of abnormal cells in the colon called polyps, which can become cancerous.  Risk factors such as age and a history of bowel diseases can increase your chances of getting colon cancer and aren’t under our control, but by avoiding risk factors like heavy drinking, smoking, eating a lot of processed meat and being overweight, you can decrease your risk.  Chinese Medicine can help treat colon cancer in a natural way, by getting to the root of the problem by healing the affected organ.

For more information about cancer and Chinese Medicine, see our website at https://balancetcm.co.nz/category/cancer-acupuncure-clinic-hamilton-auckland-cambridge/.

See our website at https://balancetcm.co.nz/acupuncture-for-cancer-hamilton-cambridge-auckland-acupuncture-clinic/ for more information about how acupuncture can help treat cancer.

Colon Cancer Causes

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