Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry Skin:

While dry skin (or dermatitis) is hardly life threatening, this condition can be uncomfortable and annoying. It usually occurs on the arms and legs, and may also cause itchy, cracked, or scaly skin.  This article will describe the types, causes, and treatments for dry skin, as well as how acupuncture can be used for treatment.

Types of Dry Skin:

The three main types of dry skin are contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and seborrheic dermatitis.  You may experience contact dermatitis when your skin reacts to something you touch.  This could be an allergen or an irritating chemical substance.  The main symptom of contact dermatitis is inflammation of the affected area.

Seborrheic dermatitis is when you develop a red or scaly rash, due to your skin producing too much oil.  This type of dry skin usually appears on the scalp.  Atopic dermatitis is more commonly known as eczema and causes dry or scaly rashes to appear on the skin.

Dry Skin Causes:

Dry skin may occur due to factors such as bathing too frequently or with very hot water, dry weather, or exposure to certain chemicals.  Other health conditions, like type 2 diabetes, can also contribute to dry skin.  Dry skin is also more likely to occur in older adults. 

Dry Skin

Dry Skin Treatment:

You can treat dermatitis in several different ways.  Treatment options can depend on your overall health, as well as the cause of your dry skin.  Usually, a combination of lifestyle changes and applying creams or ointments is enough to manage the condition.  Tips to help manage and prevent dry skin include drinking enough water daily, taking short showers, avoiding washing with very hot water, gently patting your wet skin with a soft towel to dry it, and applying moisturiser straight after bathing.

Acupuncture for Dry Skin:

If your dry skin refuses to go away, you may like to try treatments such as acupuncture.  While most treatments for dry skin focus on suppressing the symptoms, acupuncture aims to solve the problem by addressing the root cause.

Dry Skin

In Chinese Medicine, symptoms such as dry skin are a sign of disease within the body.  One of the key causes for disease is weakness or imbalances in the functions of the organs within the body.  Every organ in our body has a particular function to carry out and is also connected to other organs in the body.  The lungs and the large intestine work together to maintain the functions of breathing and bowel movements, but are also responsible for maintaining healthy skin.  Therefore, if you have weakened lungs, this may be limiting your body’s capacity to heal your skin.

Acupuncture is a technique in Chinese Medicine which aims to promote healing within the body, by strengthening the body itself.  Thin needles are inserted into specific acupoints, in order to boost the energy of weaker organs.  In this way, acupuncture can help soothe annoying symptoms like dry skin, by helping the body to heal itself naturally.

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Dry skin is an annoying condition, which can be caused by factors like dry weather, or washing with hot water.  Luckily, dry skin can usually be treated easily, by adjusting lifestyle habits and using creams.  Acupuncture is also a great way to treat skin problems like dermatitis, as it helps the body to heal itself. 

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