For an embryo to successfully implant, the lining of the uterus needs to be thick and healthy. Female infertility due to weak digestion can be an issue in the uterus lining not being healthy enough.

Female Infertility due to Blood Deficiency

Female infertility due to blood deficiency

My name is Szenan Phua. I’m an acupuncturist at Centre of Balance in Hamilton. Today I want to talk about female infertility due to blood deficiency.

We believe that women who become pregnant cannot do so without good enough bloodflow. We know that blood carries nutrients and oxygen to nourish the entire body, without blood circulation we will die.

Female infertility due to blood deficiency.
A thick uterine lining is needed for a successful embryo implantation.

We also know that when sperm and an egg meet, together they become an embryo. That embryo needs to implant in a thick uterine lining of at least 8-9mm. This lining is built up from blood, like soil in a garden. Those who are trying to conceive need good blood circulation to build up this lining. Thin lining indicates blood deficiency and it is one of the causes of female infertility.

Now, we all know that when a woman gets her period, the blood is actually from the lining of her uterine walls. This means that by looking at the amount of blood and how many days the bleeding lasts during your period, you can tell whether you have enough blood in your system or not. A normal amount of bleeding should last 4-5 days, with tampon or pad changes every 4 hours. 

Aside from monitoring your periods, there are other things we can check that can indicate whether you have enough blood or not such as:

  1. A blood test to check Iron and ferritin levels.
  2. Checking the heart function, as the heart controls blood circulation and the liver stores blood according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  3. Look at your bottom eye lid to see if it is red, or make a tight fist with your hand, then let go quickly to see if the blood flow returns immediately or not.

The following may be symptoms of not enough blood:

  1. Cold hands and feet.
  2. Poor sleep (can’t fall asleep easily, broken sleep or bad dreams).
  3. Waking up early in the morning and having trouble getting back to sleep.
  4. Tight chest, heart palpitations (feeling your heat beat hard in your chest, especially when anxious or stressed).
  5. Light and/or late bleeding.
  6. Dry flaky skin.
  7. Chapped lips (dry, cracked or peeling skin on your lips).
  8. Brittle fingernails or toenails.
  9. Losing hair on your head.
  10. Brittle or dry hair. 
  11. Diminished night-time vision.
  12. Feeling dizzy or light headed around the time of your period.
  13. Shortness of breath.
  14. Low in spirit or lacking in vitality.
  15. Excessive sweating.

If you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant without results, or if you suffer from any of the above symptoms that may be signs of female infertility due to blood deficiency above, you may want to visit Centre of Balance Acupuncture Fertility Clinic in Hamilton.

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