Female Infertility due to Weak Digestion

Szenan Phua Senior Practitioner Centre of Balance Hamilton

My name is Szenan Phua. I’m an acupuncturist at Centre of Balance,
Chinese Medicine Clinic in Hamilton.

Today I want to talk about female infertility due to weak digestion (weak stomach and spleen function).

Blood is very important in female fertility. But where does the blood come from? If we go without blood circulation, we will die. Women need enough blood supply to be able to maintain a period cycle and bleeding once a month. The blood supply also needs to be enough to supply to the uterus to make a thick lining to enable embryo implantation and thereby allow pregnancy to happen. Female infertility may sometimes be due to blood deficiency.  We also know that blood contains nutrients and oxygen. Oxygen comes from the air and nutrient come from our food.

For an embryo to successfully implant, the lining of the uterus needs to be thick and healthy.  Female infertility due to weak digestion can be an issue in the uterus lining not being healthy enough.

The next question is, what organs are involved in making sure nutrients and
oxygen get into the human body?

Lungs control breathing and bring oxygen into the blood.  The spleen, stomach, large intestine and small intestine work together to digest food and deliver all the nutrients we need into the blood according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

TCM teaches us that the stomach breaks down foods.

Then the stomach, small intestine and large intestine absorb nutrients from what the stomach has broken down into pieces. The spleen will turn all the nutrients into fresh blood. This is why TCM says that a healthy functioning digestive system is so important in female fertility.

If a woman experiences bloating, stomach pain, diarrhoea, or constipation daily, this indicates  weak digestion. 

If, while she has her period, she experiences nausea, heartburn, light bleeding (4-5 days, changes pads every 4 hours are normal), craving sweets, dizziness or sensitivity to certain foods, this also indicates  weak digestion. Our aim is to get a good healthy blood supply throughout the body therefore we always check  digestion  when we are treating female fertility patients. 

Female infertility due to weak digestion

We want a good healthy blood supply full of nutrients, which means we need to make sure our female fertility patients have a very good diet. We recommend a plant -based diet and seasonal food (local farmers market vegetables are the best). 

Here is a list of questions we ask our fertility patients to find out whether they have weak digestion (weak stomach and spleen function):

  1. Are you often fatigued? 
  2. Is your energy lower after a meal? 
  3. Do you feel bloated after eating? 
  4. Do you crave sweets? 
  5. Have you got abdominal pain or digestive problems (such as bloating, heartburn)?
  6. Are your hands and feet cold? 
  7. Is your nose cold? 
  8. Are you prone to heaviness or grogginess is the head? 
  9. Do you bruise easily? 
  10. Have you got poor circulation?
  11. Do you have varicose veins? 
  12. Are you prone to worry? 
  13. Have you been diagnosed with low blood pressure? 
  14. Do you sweat a lot without exerting yourself? 
  15. Do you feel dizzy or light headed, or have visual changes when you stand up fast? 
  16. Is your menstruation thin, watery, or pinkish in colour? 
  17. Are you more tired around ovulation or menstruation?
  18. Do you ever spot a few days or more before your period comes? 
  19. Have you ever been diagnosed with uterine prolapse? 
  20. Are you often sick or do you have allergies? 
  21. Have you been diagnosed with anaemia? 
  22. Have you got haemorrhoids or polyps?
  23. Do you get diarrhoea or constipation? 
  24. Do you suffer from muscle pain (such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, calf pain)? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above “Female Infertility due to Weak Digestion”, questions you are more likely to have weak digestion.

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