Go Dairy free for FebNoDairy!

Centre of Balance recommends a plant-based diet.  We support the Vegan Society in their awesome promotion of a dairy free lifestyle in the month of FebNoDairy.

Here are the 6 main reasons you should consider cutting out dairy:

-Good for our rivers and waterways to be free of dairy farm run off.

-Good for our health to drink plant milk instead of hormones and saturated fats.

-Good for our wallets, as many plant milks are easy to make at home.

-Good for the atmosphere because plants create oxygen, not damaging emissions.

-Good for sustainability as plants require significantly less land and water than cows do.

-Good for humanity to not harm animals in the production of dairy milk.

You can join FebNoDairy by heading over to the dairy alternatives page on the Vegan Society website. Going dairy-free for the month can be easy. Plant-based milks and cheeses are becoming ever more popular and easy to find.