Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

What is Lower Back Pain?

Back pain may be caused by various different health conditions.  It’s a common symptom, so if you experience it, you’re not alone.  In most cases your lower back pain can be treated without surgery.  In fact, many people find that taking pain medication is enough to manage their symptoms.  In this article we’ll discuss the symptoms and diagnosis of lower back pain and how Chinese Medicine can help.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms:

Lower Back Pain

In some cases, your lower back pain may go away within a few days or weeks.  But some people also experience chronic back pain.  Chronic back pain is when you have back pain for more than three months.  If you suffer from lower back pain, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Stabbing or shooting pain
  • Achy/dull pain
  • Reduced motion and flexibility in your back
  • Pain when you try to stand up straight
  • Back pain that shoots down your leg to your foot

While lower back pain sometimes just occurs due to problems in your back, it can also indicate more serious health conditions.  Make an appointment with your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Constant intense pain that worsens during the night
  • Back pain after an injury or trauma
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in your legs
  • Throbbing in your abdomen with back pain
  • Fever
  • Unexplained weight loss

Diagnosis of Lower Back Pain:

Your back pain can usually be diagnosed by a physical exam with your doctor.  At your appointment your doctor may check:

  • The range of motion of your spine
  • Your ability to stand up
  • Your ability to walk
  • Your ability to feel sensations in your legs
  • How strong your legs are
  • Your reflexes

If your doctor suspects a serious condition, further testing may be required.  

Lower Back Pain

How Can Chinese Medicine Help?

Experiencing lower back pain can be annoying, disruptive, and even unbearable.  That’s why the practitioners here at Centre of Balance want to help you treat back pain with Chinese Medicine.  While there are many treatments available for lower back pain, most of these (like pain medications) simply aim to suppress your symptoms.  This can not only neglect your underlying health issues, but can often lead to harmful side effects too.  However, Chinese Medicine offers you a natural, safe, and effective way to treat lower back pain.

In Chinese Medicine, symptoms like lower back pain can often indicate deeper health problems.  These health problems may not be obvious to us, but a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner can understand these through a careful study of your symptoms.  

Underlying health problems that may lead to lower back pain often relate to a blockage in the flow of energy through the body.  This energy or Qi, (pronounced “chee”), usually flows throughout your body in a regulated way.  But if this energy is blocked, it can cause problems like pain.  Acupuncture is one technique in Chinese Medicine that can effectively promote the flow of Qi through your body.  At Centre of Balance, our practitioners have treated many people with back pain, and achieved successful results.  So, if you’re experiencing back pain, why not give Chinese Medicine a try? 


Overall, lower back pain is a symptom of other health problems.  People with back pain might experience a dull, achy pain in their lower back, or a sharp, stabbing pain.  Back pain can usually be diagnosed by your doctor in a physical exam.  If you’re looking for an effective and safe treatment option for lower back pain, come along to Centre of Balance.  Our team of friendly, competent Chinese Medicine practitioners will soon get you back to a pain-free life.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can treat pain issues like lower back pain, see our website at https://balancetcm.co.nz/pain-clinic-hamilton/.

To find out more about how Chinese Medicine can help you, please see our webpage at https://balancetcm.co.nz/.

Lower Back Pain

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