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Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Acupuncture

Meghan Markle Shows the Royal Family the Benefits of Acupuncture

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As the newlyweds prepare for their first child due in April, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been at hand for soon-to-be parents Meghan and Harry. They’ve employed the help of Ross Barr, acupuncturist to the stars to help the young couple manage their stress from the high-profile Royal Wedding to the conception of another Royal Family member. Meghan has also been having regular acupuncture sessions in her third trimester to improve the blood flow to the uterus and circulation around the body to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy naturally, and for any aches and pains that come with pregnancy!


In a recent review from the University of Western Sydney, Acupuncture and women’s health: an overview of the role of acupuncture and its clinical management in women’s reproductive health, researchers Suzanne Cochrane, Caroline A Smith, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, and Alan Bensoussan studied 318 documents from electronic databases, textbooks and journals “focusing on both clinical findings and experimental research on acupuncture’s mechanisms of action in relation to women’s health.” Through their extensive investigation they found that “clinical research has demonstrated that acupuncture regulates uterine and ovarian blood flow (OBF)…. Since this encourages a thicker uterine wall, fertility is improved through embryo implantation being more successful.”

Meghan Markle Acupuncture Pregnancy

The data studied in the Acupuncture and women’s health review showed that “Accumulated clinical experience indicates that acupuncture regulates the menstrual cycle. TCM gynaecological textbooks all provide treatment approaches for a range of menstrual irregularities – whether the cycle is too short, too long, or too variable, the bleeding is too scant or too heavy, and menses are accompanied by a range of other symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, acne, or mood changes.” Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine know the “importance of menstrual regulation both in the resolution of menstrual disorders and the promotion of fertility.”

Another factor that is damaging to fertility and a healthy pregnancy is stress. Couples being treated for fertility and expectant parents are generally already very stressed about their situation, which “is known to have a negative effect on reproduction and perhaps the menstrual cycle. As acupuncture, for example, aids in lowering stress hormones, which undermine fertility, it is thought that this may be a major mechanism for acupuncture to influence reproductive function and account for fertility boosting effects.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In our clinic, expectant and hopeful mums can unwind and rest while an experienced acupuncturist from our team of practitioners work on the body’s acupoints and meridian channels to relieve tension and promote healthy blood flow. We try to make sure you are comfortable to decrease stress as much as possible, which is vital when trying to conceive.

With Traditional Chinese medicine you can trust that the treatment you receive is 100% natural, there are no drugs involved, there are no invasive procedures, all treatment is external and focuses on stimulating blood circulation through acupuncture, acupressure and heat therapy to promote fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places great importance on harmonizing the body and bringing it back to its natural rhythm that gets thrown out of balance through daily life. To have a healthy pregnancy, you need a healthy body. To provide your baby with the best start and opportunity to grow you need to make sure that their environment – your body! – is in optimal condition.

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