Meniere’s Disease Treatment

Meniere's Disease Treatment

Meniere’s Disease:

Meniere’s disease is a condition which affects the inner ear. If you have Meniere’s disease, you may experience symptoms like ringing in the ears, a spinning sensation and hearing problems. In this article the treatment options for Meniere’s disease will be discussed, as well as how Chinese Medicine can help with treatment.

Treatment for Meniere’s Disease:

Although Meniere’s disease is a chronic disease with no cure discovered yet, there are still options for treating the symptoms. Medications are often used in Western Medicine, and surgery may be used in severe cases.

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help with Meniere’s symptoms. Symptoms of vertigo, nausea, and vomiting can be eased by motion sickness medication or anti-nausea medication (antiemetics).  

Meniere's Disease Treatment

Since Meniere’s disease is thought to be caused by problems with the fluids inside your ear, some doctors may try to reduce the volume of fluids in your body by prescribing diuretic medications.  To treat vertigo symptoms (a spinning sensation), doctors may also inject medications into your inner ear through the middle ear.

Physical therapists may help you to reduce vertigo symptoms, through various exercises. These exercises will train your brain how to account for the difference in balance between both of your ears, through the vestibular rehabilitation process.

Hearing loss caused by Meniere’s disease may be treated by an audiologist, by fitting you with hearing aids.

Most people with Meniere’s disease don’t require surgery, but some may if they experience severe attacks and haven’t had success with other treatments. An endolymphatic sac procedure is one way to help decrease the production of fluid in the inner ear and promote a flow of fluid out of the ear instead.

Meniere's Disease Treatment

Effect of Diet on Meniere’s Disease:

Changing your diet may lessen your Meniere’s disease symptoms, by decreasing the production of fluid in your inner ear.  Foods to limit or exclude from your diet are salt, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol. MSG is also on this list.  Also, remember to drink enough water each day (six to eight glasses), to help your body remove excess fluids.

Other Lifestyle Tips to help Treat Meniere’s Disease:

Resting when you feel an attack of vertigo may help you manage your symptoms, while eating regularly may also help to regulate fluids in your body.  This may help decrease your symptoms too. Managing stress and anxiety through therapy, medication or meditation are other ways to manage symptoms of Meniere’s Disease.

It’s also important to avoid smoking and allergens, which can worsen Meniere’s disease symptoms.

Outlook for Meniere’s Disease Patients:

While there is no cure so far for Meniere’s disease, the good news is that most peoples’ symptoms go away by themselves over a few years.  The treatments listed above may also work for you to help decrease your symptoms.

Meniere's Disease Treatment

Chinese Medicine: How can we help You?

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes into account deeper causes for problems such as Meniere’s disease.  This is because in Chinese Medicine, the organs and systems of the body are seen as interrelated, with weaknesses or imbalances in certain organs causing specific symptoms in other parts of the body.  Meniere’s disease is linked to fluid retention in the inner ear, which is affected by the flow of energy (Qi) through the body.  By boosting the organs which help with proper storage, circulation and generation of Qi (the kidneys, lungs, and spleen), the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease may be lessened.  Chinese medicine helps to balance the body’s systems in this way through techniques such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which are gentle and effective treatment options.

For more information about how Chinese Medicine can help you treat ear problems like Meniere’s Disease, click here.

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