Free Online QuestionnaireOnline Questionnaire:  free to fill in online and you may request a practitioner phone call (5-10 mins). (If you choose to do this at the clinic with a practitioner the cost is $135, and it takes 40 minutes)

In Office Initial Examination: valued at $120 –  you pay $40 (up to 30mins)




Acupuncture (Root Cause) $100:  Treatment for the root cause of all your symptoms. This treatment is best for chronic pain, internal conditions, eyes, fertility etc. Treatment is up to 60 mins and includes at least 2 of the following treatment methods, valued at $65 eachDr Tan Global Balance Method Acu, Organ Balance Acu, Zhu Scalp Acu, Navel Acu, Ear Acu, Trigger point Acu, Jinjing Acu, Jiyi (Foundation) Acu, Dry Needling (Trigger Point Acu). 

Quick Pain Relief Acupuncture $65: Treatment for quick pain relief from one condition. This treatment is suited to people with limited time and just one area of pain needing treatment. Treatment is up to 15 minutes and includes one of the following treatment methods: Dr Tan Local Balance Method Acu, Zhu Scalp Acu, Jiyi (Foundation) Acu, Dry Needling (Trigger Point Acu), Jinjing Acu. 

Electro Acupoint Stimulation: $40

Heat Treatment: $30

Cupping/E-Guasha: $30

Re-exam: $120

Herbal prescription: $60 (up to 15 mins)  Herbal Powder: $10/day

ACC Treatment with Polly or Amy: $35 co-payment for up to 60 mins of treatment

ACC Treatment with Szenan – available on request for $80 co-payment.

Marking of hayfever earring point: $30 (up to 15 mins) 

During your initial examination, the practitioner may discuss a treatment plan with you and suggest which treatments may benefit you most. A package deal may be suggested, which may include several of the above treatment methods at each appointment and may save you money.

Heatpacks for pain relief.

Heat Packs:

Heatpacks hand made with organic wheat and organic cotton. Better for you and the environment.

Large: $45                Small: $35


Extra Large: $125 (made to order by Mel’s Organic Heatpacks)

These provide heat to the entire back area and are comfortable to lay on.  They require a large microwave for heating.






Armband Heatpacks: $20 (made to order by Mel’s Organic Heatpacks)

These can be worn around the arm prior to a blood test to help make the arm warmer and therefore the vein more accessible. 




Pregnancy treatment:  

  • Initial Birth Preparation & Induction Acupuncture: $100 (per session/up to 60mins) 
  • Follow-up Birth Preparation & Induction Acupuncture: $100 (per session/up to 45mins) 
  • Embryo Transfer Acupuncture: $200 ($100 each for a pre and post transfer acupuncture session). For Sunday, Monday and public holiday transfers there will be a $20 surcharge for each session, bringing total cost to $240. 

Payment Methods:

  • Credit card
  • Q card (Make the most of our interest free deals with Q Card. Click here to apply for pre-approved finance)
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank deposit

Cancellation Policy: Please note that a cancellation fee of the full private fee will apply unless notification is given at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Insurance Cover:

If you have health care insurance, you may be able to apply to have your acupuncture treatment covered by your insurance company.  Included in the initial half hour consultation is a personalised treatment plan, which you may submit to your insurance company along with a letter from us.  It depends on your insurance policy whether or not this will be accepted. Feel free to contact us to discuss.