We have a variety of products available in clinic to help support your treatment. Please contact us if you would like to order any of our products and have them sent to you by courier. (Courier fee additional to listed price)

Heat Packs

Heat packs may help ease pain when applied regularly to the affected area. Large heat packs for your back or other large areas are $50, small heat packs for your neck or smaller areas are $40 and we have eye packs for $10. All are handmade with organic cotton and organic wheat.

Stainless Steel Flasks – $15

Perfect for keeping your herbal tea warm during the day. Sleek, slimline, multiple colour options and will keep liquids warm or cool as needed.

Gua Sha Tools

We have a variety of shapes available in orange and green for use in skin scraping to increase circulation.

$10 each or 4 for $30

Acupressure Tools $10

To help with accurately applying pressure to pressure points at home to help relieve symptoms.

Skin Creams $5.80

We have three different creams for use in a variety of skin conditions. These are all prescription only, so you’ll need an appointment either in person or via zoom or phone call for the practitioner to prescribe the right cream for you.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

We stock Sheng Foong herbs in powder form, and all of our herbs are prescription only. You’ll require a full Initial Exam with one of our practitioners to determine the best herbs for you. Prices vary depending on whether you pay as you go or pay in advance for a treatment plan. An individual treatment plan will be given to you at your Initial Exam. Click here to fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch to book your Initial Exam or call us on 0800 221 224 to book.

Moxa -$6

Moxa can be used at home to support your treatment, for a variety of conditions. Our moxa sticks are $6 for a packet of 2.

Herbal Oil – $10

Our herbal oil can be used to help with a variety of conditions such as bruising, swelling, redness due to injury, insect bites and chilblains. 

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