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The Role of Acupuncture in Achieving a Healthy Pregnancy

A woman’s chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy are improved when she is physically and mentally well. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment method that can help to improve a woman’s chance of having children.  There are several ways in which acupuncture can achieve this. When people try Western medicine techniques without success, they tend to look to alternative treatments such as acupuncture. Sometimes both treatment methods may be used at the same time to improve the pregnancy success rate.

Acupuncture is the technique of inserting thin needles into the skin at key energy points. The needle induces the movement of energy and the release of chemicals in a manner that replenishes the energy in the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, fertility issues and other health problems are caused by the inability of the body to maintain a delicate energy balance. The body will be more prepared to conceive a baby, and maintain a healthy pregnancy, when there is less disruption to the flow of energy through the body.

A woman’s health is improved in various ways when the energy balance in her body has been restored. There will be an improvement in the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health of a woman. The fertility of a woman can also be increased when her body starts functioning in a manner that’s more efficient. Her body has a high chance of responding to IVF treatments, and those who are not on any fertility medication will also improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

There are many activities encompassed in acupuncture treatment technique. In order to achieve the anticipated result, the expert and the patient have to work together. During each session, needles will be placed at the energy points directly connected to the reproductive system of the individual. Also, it is essential for the patient to monitor her health and ensure her body is always in good shape outside of the acupuncture sessions in preparation for pregnancy.

A significant cause of infertility is stress. The brain releases a hormone called cortisol when under stress. This disrupts the energy and chemical balance in the body, which alters the hormone levels in the body and compromises the work of the ovaries.  According to medical research studies, in particular a 2014 study undertaken by the International Journal of Women’s Health, acupuncture promotes the fertility of a woman by increasing the flow of blood to the reproductive organs, balancing the hormone system and reducing stress. Acupuncture for fertility does not only make conception possible, but it also helps a woman carry a child for nine months in good health.

Fertility drugs are more helpful for individuals whose reproductive system is in balance. It would be ideal to start acupuncture for fertility treatment 3 to 8 months before starting your IVF or IUI session. This treatment method improves the function of the ovaries so that the IVF or IUI has a greater chance of success. If a woman keeps trying for many IVF cycles, the artificial hormones can affect the whole body negatively, causing health issues in the future such as ovarian cancer, early menopause, or breast cancer.

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