Diet for Fertility Part 5

Weight Loss for Fertility

Fertility: How and Why You Must Watch Your Weight

Weight Loss for FertilityDid you know that burning body fat can increase fertility by improving sperm quality, egg quality, and even stimulating ovarian activity? This is especially relevant now due to the prevalence of both obesity and infertility in society. There are numerous factors to blame for the rise in obesity such as unhealthy lifestyle habits, lack of exercise, increased consumption of processed and sugary foodstuff among others. Therefore, to improve your chances of getting pregnant, it is important to keep track of your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But since humans are a naturally curious species, it’s likely that you are wondering: What is the connection between weight and fertility and how can I achieve a good weight to help my chances of conceiving?

 Why is Weight Loss Important?

  • Overweight men have a higher probability of developing erectile dysfunction.
  • Obesity increases the DNA fragmentation of sperm.
  • Obesity reduces sperm count by nearly 50%.
  • Overweight women are more likely to suffer disturbances to ovulation.
  • Obesity increases the risk of miscarriage.

If these facts sound worrisome, experts at Centre of Balance Hamilton have good news for you: We have a weight loss program that may boost your fertility significantly. The three-point program will help you lose weight gradually until you achieve the desired outcome. But remember, in addition to the routine highlighted below, weight loss for fertility requires personal discipline and a positive attitude.

3 Tools for Weight Loss

  1. Acupuncture

Chinese MedicineFrequent acupuncture treatments may ease the mental and physical challenges related to weight loss by relaxing the body and helping reduce appetite. This is supported by various scientific studies on the subject. Specifically, acupuncture points on the ear may suppress appetite by stimulating the vagal nerve and consequently increasing stomach muscle tone to make you feel satisfied faster. Other acupuncture points serve different purposes such as improving circulation, reducing food cravings, stimulating metabolism, improving sleep, and reducing anxiety/depression (which lead to poor diet choices). Additionally, acupuncture may make weight loss easier for people with insulin resistance by increasing insulin sensitivity. Here at the Centre of Balance, we also recommend the incorporation of prescribed Chinese herbs to complement your weight loss program.

  1. Diet

Healthy DietIt goes without saying that what you eat is critical to the success of your weight loss program. A weight loss diet must have legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, and healthy fluids. Some of our preferred dietary habits include:

  • Do not skip meals. Consume small portions 3 times a day.
  • Avoid drinks and foodstuffs with artificial sweeteners.
  • Stop consuming processed food such as white bread and cakes.
  • Limit carbohydrates and avoid fatty foods ( But small quantities of good oils can be included in the diet).
  • Use high quality ingredients to prepare your meal.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food – give the brain time to signal that it’s satisfied.
  • Replace a meal with vegetable soup once a day – keeps your stomach full for longer and has lower calories than regular meals.
  1. Exercise

Exercise for weight loss. In addition to acupuncture treatment and a healthy diet, it’s essential to commit to regular exercise. This can include any personal strenuous activity such as a morning stretching routine, walking daily for a few minutes, or indulging in a physical game. Additionally, you can seek professional help by enrolling in an aerobics class, going to the gym, joining a boot camp exercise group, or hiring a personal trainer to keep you motivated. If you prefer a less strenuous activity, consider gentle movement exercises such as Yoga and Tai Chi. As much as these techniques do not work your muscles and heart like other physical activities, they also burn calories, stimulate the nervous system, and even benefit your internal energy.

Bottom Line

Being overweight has numerous negative effects on your health. One of these is an increased risk of infertility. Ensure you maintain an acceptable BMI (Body Mass Index) to boost your chances of conception, implantation, and pregnancy. It’s also important to maintain a healthy diet during preganancy. This can be achieved by following the above routines and lifestyle adjustments. For further information or specialised acupuncture treatment, contact Centre of Balance Hamilton. Start your journey to better health and fertility today!Click to fill in the questionnaire now